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Every cleaning expert at Turko believes in extending the cleanest services. Our rug cleaning experts have three mottos! Same day services, providing the stainless rugs, and offering the best prices.

40 years Experience

Turko Persian Rug Cleaning has been in service for the last forty years. Our cleaning professionals take complete care of your carpets. They are well-trained to identify the rug fabric, removing lint, scratches and dirt on your rugs.

Why Choose Us?


Whether you are a regular household or a big tycoon, your space becomes dainty with rugs. At the same time, keeping them clean is quite tedious! Here, at Turko Persian Rug Cleaning, we make sure to keep your rugs the cleanest. We pick your rugs, wash them, clean them up, repair and deliver them as brand new.


Area rugs are no less than emotions- we understand! Dirt, moths, discoloration, stains, and pet odours make rugs look old and unpleasant. Our rug masters identify the nature of the problem and then take actions. Your rugs undergo various steps of careful cleaning including restoration and cautious drying.


With this we mean, we take care of all your furniture and upholstery. Our experts move all your furniture cautiously without causing a single damage. We treat your rug decently and deliver it in the best shape.

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